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01. Pony With Straponed Head Pretends To Be Unicorn 01:10
02. Aged Princess Leia Leaks To Her Panties With Every Single Sneeze 01:29
03. If Your Band Has A Producer, Get Used To A Cock In Your Ass 01:16
04. Russian Pop Scene Is A Cause For Armageddon To Come 01:16
05. Galactic Conspiracy Of Necromancer-Cats 01:02
06. Last Night I Met An Anime-Hater (It Was A 50 Y.O. Pedophile Who Lived With His Mom) 01:11
07. My Little Penis - Friendship Is Destiny 01:34
08. If Your Daughter Doesn't Like My Little Pony, Just Drown Her In Shit 01:28
09. At My Friend's Wedding, I Wished The Bride Good Alimony 01:12
10. You May Dislike Anime, If You Are Faggot 01:13
11. I Hope Your Children Will Be Born Handless 01:23
12. Pet Them To Death 01:14
13. If A Man Likes To Be Fuck In The Ass, It's No Way To Make Him Stop Loving Deppresive Black 01:24
14. I Used To Be Sepultura Fan, Until They Began To Play Reggae Metal 01:34
15. A Scientist Who Believes In God Is As Preposterous As A White Bluesman 01:35
16. If I Become A Pedophile, I'll Move To Vatican 01:36
17. Instead Of Space Exploration, People Are Keen On Penis And Breast Augmentation 01:24
18. Masturbation On Anime Figures Is The Only Worthy Goal In Life 01:02
19. When The Chinese Conquer The World, Our Band Will Be Shot With A Mortar In Praise Of Mao Tse-Tung 01:25
20. I'd Like To Thank Mortician For My Happy Childhood 01:11
21. My Favorite Kind Of Japanese Sport Is Tawagoto Ni Ken 01:47
22. Desu Metal (Waifu-Core) 06:43
  • Продолжительность: 00:35:18
  • Битрейт: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC
  • Архив: 84 mb / 266 mb
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    Российская группа Death Metal Rabbits в 2020 году записала полноформатный альбом , получивший название «fuwafuwa usagi-chan-tachi». Скачать MP3 320 kbps / FLAC fuwafuwa usagi-chan-tachi (2020, Digital) бесплатно.
Death Metal Rabbits - fuwafuwa usagi-chan-tachi (2020)

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